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cfscript insight! Part (1)

A massively underused part of the ColdFusion language is cfscript. This is mainly because as a language that primarily uses tags to achieve all of

cfquery variables

When you run a select query with cfquery ColdFusion creates 3 variables for you automatically. These are a list of the column names, the total

ColdFusion 7 is awesome

Ben Forta came to London on Tuesday to do a seminar about CFMX7 (Blackstone). Some of you may have had a chance to play with

Caching cfquery

To reduce overhead on your ODBC connection you can cache your database queries. Now what this actually means is that database queries that are unlikely

Handling Dates in ColdFusion

I just wanted to give some advice to those of you who are starting out with ColdFusion. Be very careful when using dates with ColdFusion,